Passover and Admit Weekend

Passover and Admit Weekend with Hillel at Stanford! 

Passover on campus means exciting programming, long beautiful spring days, and some fun challenges when it comes to Kosher for Passover food.  It is our aim to take care of all your Passover needs throughout the week and Admit Weekend!


Hillel at Stanford is hosting both first and second night seders, free to all students.  Family and Stanford community members are welcome to join at $36 a person. We’re encouraging everyone to RSVP in advance here.

Food during Chol Hamoed (Passover weekdays)

Light breakfast and snacks will be available for students, admits, and their families throughout Passover in the Taube Hillel house kitchen.

Hillel will be offering lunch and dinner for purchase Monday - Thursday, April 22nd - 25th, served out of the Koret Pavilion Hillel building.  Students on the meal plan can use their normal swipes for meals. Anyone else can purchase meals through their Stanford Swipe card or through an online form available soon. 


Lunch 11am to 1pm,  $16 per person

Dinner 5pm to 7pm, $19 per person

Admit Weekend and Chag Last Days of Passover Meals

***Prospective freshmen and their families are welcome to join Hillel for all meals they are in town!  Email Leah or fill out the form available soon to let us know when you will be joining us.

Thursday, April 25th

Passover Chag (Holiday) Dinner
7:45pm to 9pm
This is a free dinner for all students, prospective freshman and their families, and the Stanford Minyan community.

Friday, April 26th

Open House with Hillel staff and students!
3pm to 5pm - Taube Hillel House and Koret Pavilion

Jewish Community Kick Back with Jewish Student Association
4pm to 6pm - Hillel front lawn

Friday night prayer services
6pm to 7pm - Second floor of Koret Pavilion

Shabbat/Passover Chag dinner
7pm to 8pm

Oneg (Celebration) Dessert with Rabbi Sarah Shulman (former professional triathlete and Camp Ramah Rabbi)
8pm to 9pm

Conservative Ma'ariv Evening Service 9pm

**Yom Tov with Stanford Minyan
Services 9:30am-12pm
Lunch 12pm to 1pm

Saturday, April 27th

Shabbat Prayer services with Stanford Minyan
9:30am - 12pm

Kiddush Lunch with Stanford Minyan
12pm - 1pm

Seudat Shlishit with Stanford Minyan
Timing TBD

If you have any additional questions that are not answered above, please email Leah.


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Taube Hillel House & Koret Pavilion at the Ziff Center for Jewish Life
565 Mayfield Avenue
Stanford, CA 94305-8456
(650) 723-1602