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Kosher Dining

Stanford Dining, in partnership with Hillel@Stanford and Residential Education, offers three kosher dinners a week (Monday - Wednesday 5:15 - 6:30 pm) at Florence Moore residence, and Friday night dinners are served at Hillel. Students can commit to participating from one to three meals a week. Students who commit to the program must do so for a minimum of one academic quarter. Meals are subtracted from the participating students’ R&DE Stanford Dining meal plans at the beginning of each week to offset program expenses.

Register in advance for a Kosher Dining here.

The meals are cooked in Hillel’s supervised kosher kitchen, brought to the dorm and served in a special serving area. In addition, each Shabbat, Stanford Dining will cook and serve kosher Shabbat dinner at Hillel for all interested students. Kosher Dining is a great way to relax after a long day and schmooze with friends. You also can get any of the other food in the FloMo dining hall (you are not constrained to only getting the kosher food). Don’t worry if you don’t usually keep kosher – es gezunterheyt (come and eat)!

The Kosher Dining plan does not include Shabbat dinner, which you can RSVP for separately here.

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