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Ways to Give


There are many ways to support Hillel.

To donate by mail, send a check to Hillel@Stanford at:
P.O. Box 20526, Stanford, CA, 94309-0526

To donate by credit card, click here.

If you have any questions about making a gift to Hillel, contact Executive Director, Rabbi Jessica Kirschner at

Other Ways to Support Us

Stock or Securities

Provide your stock broker or accountant with Hillel at Stanford's Tax ID # 77-0492512

Gifts by Bequest
To leave a charitable gift in your will or revocable living trust, you simply include a clause that directs a gift be made to Hillel at Stanford. You can leave a specific dollar amount, a set percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate If you already have a will, you can add a charitable bequest with a supplement, called a codicil. Or, if it’s time to update your will, you can include a gift to Hillel at Stanford in your updated will.

General or Specific Bequest
You can make a general bequest to help provide for the most critical needs at the time the money is received. Or you can make a bequest to provide a gift to our Endowment Fund, where your gift is invested so you can provide a permanent annual source of income for Hillel into the future.

Charitable Gift Annuities
A gift annuity is an agreement whereby the donor transfers assets, such as cash or appreciated securities, to Hillel at Stanford. In return, the donor receives a guaranteed payment for the rest of the donor’s life. Gift annuities, which are income-producing gifts, are popular with donors because they receive a charitable income tax deduction, possible estate tax savings, a fixed payment for life, some tax-free income for a period of time, and possible capital gains tax savings.

IRAs and Retirement Plans
Under certain circumstances it may be advantageous to name Hillel at Stanford as the beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account or your employer’s pension plan. Doing this may benefit you and your heirs. You retain control of these funds during your lifetime. At your death, these funds, if left to Hillel qualify for a charitable deduction and, thus, may save on estate taxes.

Gift of Life Insurance
A gift of life insurance can be made through a new or existing policy by the donor designating Hillel at Stanford as the owner and beneficiary. The donor receives an income tax deduction for the value of the policy when the gift is made and income tax deductions for future premium payments each year.


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