Torah Project FAQs

1.  Where will the writing take place and when will it be completed?  An experienced scribe in Israel located in the city of Ashdod is writing our new scroll. The scroll will be completed on the Stanford campus at Hillel and will be dedicated in fall 2016, when we will mark the 50th anniversary of the first High Holy Day services to be held at Stanford. We will use our new Torah scroll for the first time on Rosh Hashanah 2016 and conclude our Half-Century Celebration year.

2.  How long will it take?  A new scroll requires about a year to complete plus another month for meticulous inspections and assembly.

3.  Will there be opportunities for me to be part of it?  Yes!  
  • We will officially launch the writing of the new scroll and our anniversary celebration year on October 11, 2015 at a special event on campus.  
  • In addition, all members of our Hillel at Stanford Jewish community will be invited to help fill in a letter in the new scroll during our Half-Century Anniversary Celebration Weekend, April 1-3, 2016. You will be able to sign up in advance for your personal opportunity to complete a letter.
4.  What else is being planned?  In collaboration with the Taube Center for Jewish Studies, the Office of Religious Life and Stanford University Libraries, Hillel is proud to have received a programming and events grant from the Stanford Arts Institute for a “Scribal Arts Project” related to the creation of our new Torah scroll. We are finalizing the plans that will support a Scribal Artist-in-Residence, a presentation of rare manuscripts from the Stanford Library collections and other special activities.

5.  Why should I be part of it?  The 613th commandment (mitzvah) says that each of us should write a Torah. Helping to complete a letter enables all of us to fulfill this very meaningful mitzvah in a personal way and to connect with our precious Jewish heritage.

6.  How can I support the Hillel@Stanford Community Torah Project?  By dedicating a letter, a special verse, a parshah, or one of the five books of the Torah with a special donation to the Hillel@Stanford Half-Century Fund, you can personally help create our new Torah and ensure a vibrant future for Jewish life.  

7.  What else does the Hillel@Stanford Community Torah Project support?  In addition to creating the new scroll and providing meaningful opportunities for education and fulfilling the mitzvah, the Torah Project will support the purchase of covers for our new scroll, Torah ornaments such as a breast plate and crowns, necessary repairs to Hillel's older Torah scroll, weekly Shabbat services and dinners at Hillel, as well as holiday celebrations and ongoing Jewish leaning for Stanford students.  


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