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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides governance, guidance and support for Hillel@Stanford in its mission to enrich the lives and identities of Jewish students at Stanford so that they can better enrich the world around them. The dedicated group of faculty, community members, alumni and student representatives are actively engaged in developing resources, critical strategic planning, as well as campus and community relations.


Adi Bittan
Gordon Bloom
Leslie Colvin
Jonah Glick-Unterman
Steven Goodman
Rabbi Patricia Karlin-Neumann
Amalia Kessler
Andrew Kofman
Jeffrey Koseff
Michelle Kraus
Linda Kurz
Claire Lauing
Robert Lisbonne
Harry Mittelman
Janis Popp
Susie Sorkin



Executive Committee ​ 
Alison Ross, President 
Steve Zelinger, Vice President
Julie Kaufmann Lloyd, Secretary
Linda Palmor, Treasurer
Jeffrey Koseff, Member at Large

Executive Director
Rabbi Jessica Kirschner
Past Presidents
Kenneth Arrow 
Lawrence Friedman
Shelley Hebert 
Jim Heeger 
Joan Karlin 
Morris Katz
Robin Kennedy  
Ellen Konar
Linda Kurz
Robert Levison
Robert Mnookin
David Rosenhan
Robert Rosenzweig 
Ric Rudman
Myron Scholes 
Richard Shevell
Myra Strober  
Jeffrey Wachtel
Susan Wolfe


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Taube Hillel House & Koret Pavilion at the Ziff Center for Jewish Life
565 Mayfield Avenue
Stanford, CA 94305-8456
(650) 723-1602