Jewish Incubator Fellowship

Apply for spring quarter pilot here by March 20, 2017

Who are you?

  • Any Stanford student who is Jewishly-interested, curious, busy, and adventurous.


Who NEEDN’T you be?

  • A SuperJew/rabbi, someone with a fully-cooked idea, currently connected to anything or anyone Jewish, anywhere, ever. (But it’s ok if you are).


What is the Stanford Jewish Incubator Fellowship (SJIF)?

  • It’s about Stanford. We seek to serve the Stanford community by identifying and filling any gaps in campus life. What do you want to see happen on campus and in the community?
  • A way to support students in the spaces in which they already exist.
  • It’s about creating diverse Jewish experiences and activating a flourishing Jewish ecosystem at Stanford (read more below).
  • It’s about Leadership/Incubation/a thriving diverse ecosystem. Students access resources and mentorship that result in meaningful and exciting projects that also build transferable skills in marketing, team building, operations, and more. This serves participants in their future professional lives.
  • It’s about YOU. Your interests, your experiences, your passions, your goals...You’re the driving force behind what happens here.


What the SJIF IS NOT

  • A way to convince people to come to a single location (like Hillel) for only religious purposes.



  • Access resources and mentorship that result in meaningful and exciting projects that also build transferable skills in marketing, team building, operations, and more. (Support, mentorship, exclusive invites, professional networking, career coaching, social events, skills workshops)
  • Create an event, initiative, or program that you wish already existed (or haven't dreamed up yet)?
  • Receive support in the form of training, staff mentorship, professional development, and consultation with expert Stanford faculty?
  • Receive a baseline of $180 in grant funds with support from staff to seek out more funds if needed?
  • Be the first to receive exclusive invitations to high-profile events on campus (that happen once or twice a year), like an intimate conversation with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
  • Tap into professional networking and career coaching with Stanford alumni and local entrepreneurs, activists, thought leaders, and change-agents?
  • Enjoy quarterly social events and skills workshops with other participants?


What will you do?

  • At a time of your choosing, over the course of the spring quarter pilot, each participant creates an initiative around something that you are passionate about, that contributes in your own small way to building a diverse and thriving Jewish ecosystem at Stanford.
  • This could mean taking on a leadership role in an ongoing initiative, like the Jewish Queer Art Series or Challah for Hunger. Or it could be a one-time project, like building raised beds for a garden to feed the hungry.
  • You will be matched with a Hillel@Stanford staff mentor to assist in brainstorming, developing, and executing these programs.


Hypothetical Examples of Initiatives:

  • Writing workshop at Hume Center for Writing and open mic in the Sukkah with NEA award winning poet, Sam Sax. (This happened!)
  • 12 foot “smart” menorah on Hillel’s roof that illuminates the row every time it detects any variant of #happychanukah on a social media platform.
  • Collecting and cooking old family recipes for friends in Hillel’s well-stocked kitchen and telling the story of your family’s Jewish food tradition in a 4 page “cookbook.”
  • Build a "Biblical Garden" to plant species mentioned in the Torah, and harvest food for local food banks. (This happened!)


How will you get it?



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Taube Hillel House & Koret Pavilion at the Ziff Center for Jewish Life
565 Mayfield Avenue
Stanford, CA 94305-8456
(650) 723-1602