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25 Years of India Israel Collaboration

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Mohamed Abubakr and Prof. Diamond

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Cyber Security Event

P1100057 P1100056 P1100058 P1100050 P1100045 P1100049 P1100051 P1100047 P1100048


Stanford@AIPAC 2017



Yom Ha'atzmaut Party 

(SIA and JStreet)

P1090971 P1090970 Yom Haazmaut May 2 P1090967 P1090961 P1090969 P1090962 P1090968 P1090966 P1090963 P1090960 P1090956 P1090959 P1090958 P1090957 P1090953 P1090954 P1090951 P1090948 P1090945 P1090941 DSC_0013 P1090942 DSC_0060 DSC_0061 P1090945 (2) DSC_0057 DSC_0055 DSC_0054 DSC_0058 DSC_0056 DSC_0059


Yom Ha'atzmaut 21+ Party

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Magda Dorosz event

P1100069 P1100061 P1100062 P1100072 P1100068 P1100064

Meeting an Extraordinary Survivor

P1100094 P1100091 Iphone1


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