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Shabbat in the glen

Shabbat with Hillel@Stanford is a many splendored thing!

Here at the Ziff Center for Jewish Life, we celebrate Shabbat, that 25 hour detox from the bustle of modern life, using a pluralistic and immersive approach. Most weeks we host a full Shabbat experience at Hillel. This includes Reform Services, which are student and staff led featuring guitars, singing, and reflections for the week. There is also a traditional service that features a tri-chitzah: a three-way partition that includes a section for women, one for men, and one mixed section--a perfect example of our pluralistic mission. In this same spirit, we frequently ask a woman to lead Kabbalat Shabbat and a man lead ma’ariv. (If you’d like to learn more about this system, contact Rabbi Evelyn Baz at We are also in the process of forming an independent Conservative Minyan, so if you are a student and are interested in this joining the Conservative Minyan, please contact Rabbi Baz at

We may pray/daven differently, but we come together as a Jewish community for a delectable Shabbat meal in our homey Taube Hillel House, cooked by our incredible chef, Minerva Rebuelta, who we work with in partnership with Stanford Dining. Challah is provided by Stanford’s chapter of Challah for Hunger which features fabulous challah flavors like chocolate chip, honey oat, garlic rosemary, vegan, and always a special flavor of the month!

Shabbat day (Saturday) we have Stanford Minyan, our long running Modern Orthodox community that is comprised of students, staff, and community members to who come together to daven/pray with a mechitzah (two way partition), read the weekly parsha/torah portion from our beautiful torahs, and then come together for a vegetarian dairy lunch. Students often spend their Shabbat afternoon at Hillel after which they come together again to enjoy Seudah Shilishit (dinner on Saturday) with one another. They sing traditional Shabbat songs (from our song books with transliteration as well as Hebrew) and then make Havdalah together. If you are interested in attending, sign up here.

Alternative Shabbat Experiences:


Launched as a program in January 2017, once a month, Hillel pulls out all the stops to transform our space for what we call Epic Shabbat! Our first Epic Shabbat was Shabbat in the Glen, when we transformed our own Hillel space using AstroTurf, picnic blankets, trees, and fairy lights to have a picnic for Shabbat dinner! We’ve done Shabbat in the Cosmos, where each table was a different planet and we had a photo booth in another room (so as to respect those who do not wish to be around technology use on Shabbat) and we always have a menu to match the theme. We have also used our Epic Shabbats as an opportunity to educate ourselves and our community about non-ashkenazi/Eastern European Jewish practices. One Shabbat used the The Rabbi’s Cat as its inspiration, transporting students to 1930’s Algeria. And most recently we had Epic Shabbat in the Sukkah: Caravan of Dreams! This evoked the experience of traveling through the desert, a nod to the rabbinic explanation for the reason we celebrate sukkot, in remembrance of us traveling through the desert after fleeing Egypt!

#JewGear ShabbatXFarm

Students Enjoying JewGear#JewGear, our DIY Judaism program launched at the beginning of this academic year. It started with a Yom Kippur toolkit and its second iteration is a Shabbat toolkit for a program we call ShabbatXFarm which will happen once a month! It is a fully customizable box which any Stanford student can order and then pick up on Friday. The boxes provide a five senses immersion in Judaism and Shabbat. We also provide educational materials, to help students create their own Shabbat experiences. This way they can utilize the toolkits in their dorms, on a drive to the beach, after hiking the dish, etc. Some examples of what students can choose to get in their ShabbatXFarm Toolkit: challah (Challah for Hunger or store bought), sparkling grape juice, candles (LED or real), Sefardi/Ashkenazi/Mizrachi Blessing guides in Hebrew, transliteration, and translation, dvar torah by Shifra, weekly reflective practice by Lia, Jewish art, salt, olive oil and a myriad of spices for dipping, a Havdalah set, to name just a few of the many options!

The initial launch of ShabbatXFarm was incredibly successful! More than 30 students (grads and undergrads) signed up to receive toolkits, which they used to celebrate with over 150 of their friends and family! I

Time: See calendar/FB; time depends on sunset
Place: Koret Pavilion
RSVP for dinner only below by 2:00 pm on Thursday before (if you have Kosher Dining Plan, you still need to RSVP) Shabbat Dinner RSVP

Shabbat Sponsorship: Shabbat Sponsorship: A great way to make a direct impact on campus is to sponsor a Shabbat dinner. Contact Rabbi Jessica Kirschner at


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